Meet Adam Lyons

The entrepreneur who saved 1800+ small businesses in 2020

by teaching them how to massively scale their
business in a matter of days.

Adam Lyons has consulted these brands:

Adam Lyons owns 12 of his own businesses.

From Main Street to E-commerce, Adam Lyons has saved and scaled over 1800+ small businesses since launching The SMART Blueprint in 2020. How? Well, his magic ingredient isn’t actually magic at all, The SMART Blueprint is a 5-step surefire process for business owners — many of whom came to Lyons during the rough times of 2020, (like the Dungeons and Dragons Hobby Shop in Bastrop, Texas, which grew by 36,000% in the middle of the pandemic!)

Beyond his own portfolio of growing companies, Lyons is an advisor for over 500 brands across the US and Canada. Lyons has been featured on the Today Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Forbes, and the NY Post. He has been awarded 2 different ‘Wicked Smaht’ Awards due to his innovative business strategies and multiple 2 comma club awards. Companies he has worked with include PepsiCo, Nike, Nescafé, Discovery Digital Networks, and many smaller brands. 

Lyons created and developed his outside-the-box business system out of poverty and frustration. As an English immigrant, he started as a janitor– quickly becoming an accidental serial entrepreneur. Sixteen years later, the business maven and father of five lives with his family outside of Austin, Texas.


Lyons has helped save 1800+ small businesses since the pandemic began in 2020 with his system, The Smart Blueprint.


This entrepreneur has dedicated his life to helping other businesses scale, so to 16,000x


He has sold $810k in one day and teaches other new businesses how to increase revenue almost overnight.

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